Two of the largest cogs that power Quietly are quality and sustainability. I always want to tweak or slightly adjust roast profiles to better unlock the unique qualities of origin and highlight the work of producers. Equally, when climate change is a direct threat to these very producers, I want to minimize the footprint of my company.  But this creates a problem: how to constantly strive to roast better but not waste these experiment batches?


I was ecstatic to discover that the Barn in Berlin had the perfect solution: offer these good but not quite great batches at a lower price point. It is much better than tossing them and an honest way to represent the process of finding the right profile. 

These will appear whenever I have them at HQ. They are the result of either a new coffee coming onto to menu or tweaking of existing coffees, thus the origin is forever changing.

They will be put up fresh (but please always rest your coffee before drinking it). Batches will be broken into bulk and retail sizes and sold at fixed prices. 

If you have any questions about the Test Batch, you can always reach us at: hello@quietlycoffee.com