MY PARTNERS IN COFFEE. I am overwhelmed by the ongoing support. So first, a heartfelt thank-you! Second, it means I am having trouble keeping up with the very high demand and frequently selling out.

I am working hard to keep ahead, but Quietly is a one-person operation and I can only roast, sort, bag and ship so much coffee in a day. Moreover, I want to ensure quality never slips and every cup shines bright, which demands time and care. 

Often the best way to snag a bag is at your local cafe or shop! Not only does this mean supporting wonderful independent businesses but also you can avoid the shipping fees that are part-and-parcel of living in the countryside. And, if you want to be notified about fresh restocks, I always post updates in our Instagram stories. Again thanks so much and here are this week's partners in coffee:
Bud's Coffee Bar (Toronto)
Donna's (Toronto)
Cops Doughnuts (Toronto)
Fix Coffee + Bikes (Toronto) 
Hamers Coffee (Toronto) 
Happy Coffee & Wine (Toronto)
Jacked Up (Toronto)
Tandem Coffee (Toronto)
Durand Coffee (Hamilton) 
Cannon Coffee (Hamilton)
Nolaa Granolaa (Grimsby)
De La Terre (St. Catharines)
Fifth Chute (Egansville)
Kit Coffee (Peterborough)
Wildflower Bakery (Havelock)
Roam (Durham)
BSE (Kingston)
Sens Coffee (Kingston)

Lawrence & Larry's (Montreal)
TT Café (Montreal)
Café Palmier (Chelsea)

Parlour Coffee (Winnipeg)
Make (Winnipeg)

Sparrow (Saskatoon)

Kaffeeklatsch (Calgary) 

Hide + Seek Coffee (Victoria) 

The Tipsy Muse (Fredericton)

Tos Low (St John's)
Quietly stacked coffee cup illustration