Few things irk me more than the "death before decaf" motto. I fell in love with coffee for its flavour, uniqueness, and rituals. Caffeine is just a magical bonus on those especially tired mornings. Meaning I will forever advocate for well-processed and well-roasted decaf because it is every bit as delicious as its caffeinated counterparts. My motto: great coffee is great coffee.

For sourcing, we are currently working direct with Swiss Water in Vancouver. Their process excels at maintaining the unique elements of origin while removing caffeine. It start with a 'Green Coffee Extract (GCE)' in one tank and fresh crop beans in another. Seeking equilibrium, caffein compounds migrate across a series of carbon filters, which trap it for removal. The GCE is refreshed and ready for re-use. By leveraging temperature and time with precession, the end result is 99.9% caffeine-free.

This lot comes to Swiss Water via Red Fox Merchants. I have worked closely with Aleco and Red Fox for years, so this partnership is a decaf dream come true. This is a community lot from Pluma. The area's production has undergone a rather dramatic evolution in the last decade, shifting away from large estates into the hands of local smallholder farmers. This has been greatly beneficial to these farms as rather than massive plantations buying and blending their lots, the quality is not diluted and they can potentially reach a viable market.
Not to say this transformation has been easy. A combination of factors including low market pricing and coffee leaf rust, saw estate holders abandoning their farms and moving on to more lucrative ventures. Red Fox continues to seek out partnerships built upon viable pricing in order to build trust in this region and reinvigorate local farmers. As Aleco states, "they are beginning to understand that their coffee is worth more than they’ve always been told". He continues, "They are ready to be able to dictate their own futures and gain access to new pathways to finance and reinvest in their own success".
Decaf gets a bad rap because historically it was never well-grown green and typically is roasted too hot and too fast. However, if you start with great coffee and roast it with the decaf processing in mind, you experience the unique joy of origin. Swiss water's sourcing and processing is really allowing all those unique flavours of Pluma to shine and for the Santa Cruz Group that means loads of brown sugar, milk chocolate, caramel and vibrant tropical fruit. It is an absolute stunner. 

For espresso, use a 1:2.3 ratio in 32-35 seconds.
Vibrant with Caramel, Dark Chocolate & Guava.  
Miahuatlán, Oaxaca.
Santa Cruz Ozolotepec.
Fully Washed & Swiss Water Decaffeinated.
Swiss Water Processing & Red Fox Merchants.